Sunday, October 13, 2013


Here's a film that people seem to really love or really hate. Some love it for it's story and characters, some love it because it's so bad that it's funny while others hate it with a passion or are just not into it. Which do I fall under well here's my review on...

A teenage girl named Bella (Kristen Stewart) decides to give up her whole life for a teen vampire named Edward (Robert Pattinson). However, Edward likes her but has second thoughts about their relationship. Other Vampires are also after Bella because of their relationship.


Our main characters and the actors playing them are without a doubt the blandest, boringest, lifeless characters I've ever seen in all of cinema. Kristen Stewart as Bella, my god put some freaking life and emotion into this character. Her character is an emotional girl, I get that but Kristen Stewart doesn't show any emotion, it's bland just completely bland. On top of it, she's unlikable, has really no personality and she's really just a plan unlikable damsel in distress. Robert Pattinson as Edward, look hot on the outside for the people that love this film but he has zero personality on the inside, his acting is just as bland as Kristen Stewarts and on top of it, he's not a real vampire. He acts more like a bland superhero with skills that only a superhero could have (NOT A VAMPIRE), he doesn't change into a Bat, doesn't sleep in a coffin, doesn't have hypnotises, and on top of it, VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE WHEN EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT! By the way, a girl planing to devote her life for a stalker with a not so good history and with no personality is a great message! The rest of the cast is all bland, forgettable and boring and the only people who do have life are the villains but to be honest they're bland too. Taylor Launter well he doesn't do much here but it's hinted that he's a werewolf, all I'm going to say is, he better be badass in the next film.

The film itself is just bland in general. The cinematography is boring, the special effects are unappealing, the score puts me to sleep and the atmosphere is dull! There's action in the film but very little of it with very boring suspense and fights. Even the killing scenes are dull. There's really nothing more for me to talk about except that it's a bland film.

I was going to give the film an even rating for the fan base but forget that noise.


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