Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Two years ago, I reviewed "Terminator 2 3-D: The Battle Across Time" and I found it to be a great 3-D experience and is my number 1 Favorite 3-D/Simulation Ride At Universal.

Last year, I picked the Arnold Terminator over the T-1000 as my 6th Favorite villain.

Now I give you my review on the film that started it all...

I love the "Terminator" films (Well with the exception of one) and the best thing about them, while falling under the Sci-Fi genre, they're all different types of Sci-Fi films themselves. The first 1 happens to be a horror which is why I'm going to review this film on the month of fright. ON WITH THE REVIEW...

In the future, a computer system called "SkyNet" will destroy all of mankind and have machines take over the world and wipe out a Human Resistance lead by John Connor. A machine called The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time to kill the Mother of John Connor named Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) to prevent John from being born. However, the Human Resistance sent a soldier named Kyle Reese (Micheal Biehn) to protect Sarah from the Terminator.


Our main horror villain is a human on the outside, but on the inside he's really a machine which we don't see until the end, however, we do get to see some mechanical parts beneath the cuts of his skin. Arnold Schwarzenegger really plays the character in such a very terrifying and cold way that I can't believe it's Arnold. This machine will kill anything it sees, can take any abuse, and won't stop ever until the target is terminated. The villain and the film also carry the many slasher film cliches, but modernizes it into something new. Oh, and his weapons of choice are sweet and deadly.

Our victim and hero is also incredible. First, you have Kyle Reese, who sort of reminds me of Rambo in the first film. He's always prepared to fight; he knows what to do; and uses all of his survival and fighting skills at war in a public area. Man, Kyle is so cool, so badass and even gets the best haunting dialogue about the future and the Terminator. Sarah Connor is a character who I really find lovable. She's so sweet, innocent and vulnerable that it really does make you wonder how she could be a Mother of a freedom fighter. Just watch her development in the film, especially in the end, you won't be disappointed.

Our setting in both the future and present are both very dark and gritty.  While the future is a war zone wasteland between Man and Machine; the present looks very sleazy and rotten which is a sign of humanity going down the drain (And it still kind of is in today's world, maybe this future war will happen). The Music is very dark and sounds very futuristic and it's indeed one of my all time favorite scores. The action is promising and the film's full of it, best scenes include the club shootout; the chase scenes; the police station shoot out; and the future battles with Kyle. The special effects are amazing, and  a film that proves you don't need CGI to make a great special effects film. We see life size puppets, great gory make up, stop motion, the point of view shots in the Terminators eyes and so much more.

The Terminator is not only one of the best Sci-Fi time traveling horror film, but it's the start of an amazing franchise.


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