Monday, October 21, 2013


Here's a Mel Brooks film that's dedicated to the great Alfred Hitchcock called...

The film is a parody on the Hitchcock films (specifically "Vertigo"). The film stars Mel Brooks as a Doctor who is now the new administrator of the "Psychoneurotic Institute For The Very, Very Nervous" who has a fear of heights called "High Anxiety". He notices a lot of suspicious activities, some of the members are trying to kill him, and he gets framed for a murder.


Mel Brooks is funny as the character but for the most part he's serious and let's the surroundings that are weird and crazy seem like its all normal and serious to him instead thinking that it’s completely over the top and wacko. Madeline Kahn as the love interest is very beautiful and funny but just like how I feel about Brooks’ character and performance is she plays the character as if all the crazy and over the top things happening around seem normal and serious. Harvey Korman as the villain is just as funny and villainous as he is in "Blazing Saddles", and of course completely owns the role. Cloris Leachman as the crooked Nurse is really funny and the over the top accent that she brings to the character is just as over the top as her accent as Frau Blucher (Horses Neighing) in “Young Frankenstein”. Ron Carey as Mel Brook's sidekick is also really hilarious and has a really funny running gag of him not being able to carry Brooks’ bags. Finally we have Howard Morris as Professor Lilleoman and just like how he would later play a similar role in the Roger Corman's horror parody “Transylvania Twist”, he here does as great of job at playing this over the top smart old man.

The film itself is another clever parody film by Mel Brooks. While he parodies Hitchcock films, he still puts respect into it to show how great his films are and gives you the feel of watching a Hitchcock film. The things that Mel Brooks makes fun of regarding Hitchcock films are endless! He satirizes the dramatic music, the shots, the characters, the plots, and the murders. Mel Brooks also throws in a character and parody that’s not at all related to Hitchcock, which is a Bond villain based off of “JAWS” and as out of place as it sounds; the parody of this famous Bond villain still manages to fit within the film’s world. Outside of the parodies, Mel Brooks does puts in his traditional humor such as the fourth wall jokes, suggestive humor, characters with odd names, slapstick and of course throws in a great musical number.

The film is one of Mel Brooks best, funniest and clever parody flick that should not be missed!


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