Wednesday, October 9, 2013


What are "Grindhouse" films? They were exploitation films (Not main stream films) that were very hardcore with gore, killings and sex and they were shown in lower class theaters at the time. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino payed tribute to the films in their film...


The film has not one but two films that look like 70's films, they look shaky and scratched up as if they were old films being shown on a big screen and it all comes complete with fake trailers. With so much to offer, I'm going to review the two films separately! Oh and remember, these films are made to be bad!

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, An ex Stripper goes off to look for something better and exciting to her life. However, as she seeks out a new living, zombies are taking over humanity. This film is awesome, just awesome, it's like an ultimate zombie film for guys. It has gore, it has action, it has hot women, it has an unusual storyline, it has good comedy and it has great characters. The characters are really really fun and enjoyable and believe me when I say, when I saw the beginning to this film I thought they were gonna suck. I mean you have characters such as a Stripper with a leg gun, a mad wife killing doctor, a smart and kick ass female doctor, a extremely heroic zombie killer, a trigger happy father, a cool sheriff played by Michael Biehn, a crazy BBQ restaurant owner, Quentin Tarantino as a rapist (Who gets owned in a very gruesome way), a man who loves collecting his victims balls and a demented lieutenant played by Bruce Willis. The zombies are freakin awesome and every time you see them there's always either great horror or great action. The film is really gruesome and seeing all the blood, guts and gore makes it all one sick zombie film! The comedy in it is fun but the best joke is what happens during a sex scene. Overall, it's a really fun flick and defiantly brings you the feel of a "Grindhouse" film.



I'm not going to give away the fake trailers but believe me when I say that they are truly fun, action packed, gory, scary and awesome!


Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell plays a serial killer with a death proof car by killing every young women that he meets. Kurt Russell is tremendous as this killer. He goes from being an unsettling guy to a complete mad man and how Russell pulls it off is perfect. The female victims are fun, likable and enjoyable but again it's really Kurt who steals the show. Unlike "Planet Terror" however, the film is mostly dialogue oriented then having plenty of action. However, those slow scenes do give great build up to the events and the dialogue, while being a bit cheap, it's a Tarantino film and he's the master at writing fun and interesting dialogue. Also like in a Tarantino film, the film has a great soundtrack that goes with every scene. The Grindhouse look is enjoyable but I hate that they stopped that look towards the end. What really makes the film is the car chase at the end, it's seriously one of the best car chases I ever saw on film. It's so exciting, thrilling and fun that it's one of the best sequences that Tarantino ever directed and on top of it, NO CGI, just done the old fashion way and the real way. This Car Chase sequence has easily made it on my top 5 favorite chase sequences! Overall, while being a slow film, it's still a really cool and entertaining film and is one of Tarantino's best work!


This film really brings back the fun and enjoyment to a Grindhouse film and if you're new to that genre check out this film. To really enjoy this film, I say see it on the big screen because it'll make you actually feel like you're truly watching a Grindhouse film!


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