Saturday, October 5, 2013


Last year, I reviewed the first original "Godzilla" film "Gojira". And it was a really great movie, however, America at the time weren't into foreign films, so they took the original classic and made...


There's really not too much to say about this film, it's basically the same film only it's through the point of view of an American journalist played by Raymond Burr. This is America's way of saying "Screw the original and lets take scenes from the film; dub the Japanese language; shoot new scenes; get a good American actor; and change the title while we're at it" and that's what they did. Raymond Burr does nothing in the film except observe and narrate, that's it, there's no character to him whatsoever. Now to be fair, I'm not sure if subtitles during a film was made at the time when this film came out, so naturally the studios had to dub the Japanese actors. Yes, they sound out of synch; yes, they sound more American like than Japanese like, hell even their voices change occasionally. On top of it, our star gets to meet the characters in the original film, but we'd either be looking at obvious stock footage of the character or have the actors backs turned or have their faces hidden when it's obviously an American actor playing the character. While the film keeps the good stuff, it's still really weak.

FORGET THIS FILM, SEE THE ORIGINAL! But what prevents me from giving it a 0 is that it did expose Godzilla to American audiences, so I have to give it a little respect, even if the version that America has got isn't as strong as its original Japanese cut.


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