Saturday, July 20, 2013


From the creator of "Grease" gives you one of the worst movie musicals of all time...

Aspiring composer based on Jacques Morali (Steve Guttenberg) tries to start a music group. He finds an Indian, a Cop, a GI, a Leather man, and a construction worker and they all become "The Village People". The film is a historical fictional biography on the group and MAN IS IT BORING! It's a complete snoozefest when there's no music at all, it makes me want to fall asleep and personally, I don't care for this boring plot what so ever!    

Let's start with the films bate to attract gay audiences to see this film "The Village People". First off, let me make one thing clear, I really don't like this group! It's not because it's for a gay audience, I can respect that, but they're just creepy, stereotypical and their music for the most part sucks! Yeah, you know that kid who found the song "YMCA" annoying and felt forced to do it, that was me! Obviously the songs in this film are all done by this group and while the numbers might appeal to its gay audience, I found them annoyingly catchy and obnoxious. So yeah, I hate "The Village People", but what I just said, IT'S NOT the reason why I hate this film! The group in this film as well as the film itself, is NOT directed to its targeted audience! The film has a boring love triangle between a woman and two men; the group dance with women in almost every number they're in and even make out or dance sexually with girls! So this film is not just marketed towards the gay community, it's marketed towards the non gay community as well! Man does none of it add up to well and the result is different audiences will either feel betrayed or insulted!

The rest of the cast such as Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, Paul Sand, Tammy Grimes and June Havoc are all boring, annoying, obnoxious, bland and good god are they not funny! The film's trying to be a musical comedy, but the comedy doesn't work at all! Not once did I smile, giggle, laugh, chuckle or give so much as a smirk, the comedy is dull, horrendous, corny and boring! Oh, by the way, "The Ritchie Family" are special guests in this movie, but they only show up like two minutes or less and they don't finish their song! The film is one of the rare PG movies that show full male nudity and it's the first film to win the Razzie for Worst Picture!

Overall it's a bland film, it betrays it's target audience, the characters are annoying and forgettable, and you can stop the music by staying away from this film! 

RATING 1/5  

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