Friday, July 19, 2013


 Superman, a hero that many consider him to be the best Superhero of all time with his powers such as flying, X Ray vision, super strength and so on. So can I say that I found him overrated as a child. I'm not saying he's a bad Superhero by any means and who knows maybe I'll like him better now than I did as a kid. I'm just saying as a kid, I saw no personality in him, the villains are forgettable, the love interest bored me and every version I watched as a child bored me and were forgettable and learning about the unintentional campyness the films had, made me dislike him even more. With that out of the way, here's my review on the pilot episode to...

As a kid, this was the first live action Superman version I ever saw and for being the first, I'm going to review the pilot episode.

Out of all things I remember as a kid from watching Superman, it was the intro. "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird!, It's a plane! It's Superman!" Oh yeah, that pulls me every time I see this intro! I love the music, I love that we see him space and I love how it dissolves from Superman to his alter ego and back to Superman in front of the American Flag. This intro has "F--k Yeah", written all over it! Epic intro!


The pilot episode is about his origin. The planet of Krypton is about to be destroyed, one of the members of the planet send his baby on a model rocket to take him to earth and the baby is found by two mortals. The two raise the baby and after 25 years, the boy grows up to be heroic with his Superpowers and decides to work for the paper as his alter ego Clark Kent and fight crime as Superman.

The origin in this episode is done really well and to fit all this into a half hour episode is very impressive. The planet Krypton is really cool and I love that the people who live there look like a futuristic Roman Empire. George Reeves as Superman is really awesome and enjoyable and I can't wait to see more of him. The special effect where he flies may not look much today but at the time jaws were dropping. His mortal family are very likable and friendly and I love how his 12 year old self interacts with them. Lois Lane is barley in this and I'm not sure if I like her or not. As for the boss of the "Daily Planet Bugle" Mr.White, is very fun and enjoyable as this hot head. The only action scene in this episode is The Blimp scene and aside from it's dated effect, it's still makes this hero shine.

I'm beginning to like Superman but with that said, who knows. Maybe the episodes will get better or maybe they'll suck. From what I was given, it is really awesome!


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