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If you read my review on "The Brave Little Toaster", then you probably already know that I consider it to be one of the darkest kids’ films of all time. I enjoy the characters, humor, songs, and animation, but when it gets dark and depressing, it really goes all-out! And one of the many things that will both frighten and depress a child when viewing this film is the Evil Magnet at the Junkyard. Now I'm not going to talk too much about this villain, because I already talked about what made it so terrifying when I did my "Top 10 Disturbing Moments from the Brave Little Toaster", and you can see that for yourself. But I will at least explain why I put it so high on the list.

The main reason why I put the Magnet in the number 11 spot on my list, instead of putting it lower is because unlike how the other Disney villains who are evil, but over the top, charming, and have a bit of a sense of humanity in them (even at their cruelest), this villain has none of that at all! It has only one goal, and that's to transport wrecked cars, and thrown away appliances to the crusher where they’ll be killed and turned into a tiny cube. It show's no joy over doing this, but it shows no remorse either, all it's doing is what it's programed to do, fair and simple. And if it sees appliances that refuse to meet their maker, it will come after them, without rest until the job is done. Even by going as far as taking a man to be crushed with them after claiming them! What I find to be very frightening about this villain, is not just its scary looking design, and that it never says a word, but for how fast and powerful that this machine is. It can pick up piles and piles of junk when it gets frustrated, can sneak up on you when you least expect it (despite being so gigantic and making humming noises from its magnetic vibrations), and above all is so fast that it can pile-up two individual cars on top of each other on a moving conveyor belt in almost no time!

Speaking of the cars, I've already mentioned in the past how much I enjoy the song "Worthless" for being catchy and downright depressing at the same exact time. But if you want to know the cars who I felt bad for the most during this sequence, it would have to be the convertible who "doesn't have the heart to live in the fast lane", the Wood-sided Wagon who loses an eye and looks scared to be crushed as she is laying upside down, and the depressing Pick-up Truck with a deep voice who commits suicide! And after all these years, I still sigh at their death as I'm singing along to this song.

The machine that the Magnet sends the cars too to be crushed looks just as menacing as the Magnet is, especially when hearing the sound of its piston's banging loudly on the conveyor belt. But I must ask, who built this thing and decided to give it a face? It's obviously not alive since we never see it talk, move its eyes, or anything. Actually the more I think about it, does any human being watch over this junkyard, we never see anyone insight (aside from the Master, and his girlfriend Chris)? Did they decide to give A.I. to their Magnet? Oh who cares it's a frightful and intense climax, and I really can't expect realism in an animated films with objects that come to life for no rhyme or reason.

Even though you'll be seeing traditional villains on my list who are ranked higher than the Magnet, I still feel like this villain deserves the number 11 spot on the list for being so cold, ruthless, and powerful, which are all the qualities that make it so horrifying. Though not the scariest out of all the things shown in the movie, it is still the most challenging out of all the obstacles and nightmare inducing fuel that the character’s face, who is also responsible for giving us some of the saddest and heart pounding moments that this film has to offer.

"You're Wooorthlesssssss"
-The Junkyard Cars


Ok as I was watching "The Brave Little Toaster", I've noticed a cleverly hidden Easter egg that I don't hear anybody talk about, which I thought would be fun to share. When they're in the city looking for their Master's address in the phone book (which I'm amazed at how empty the city is. It's a little too convenient that the city where the appliances go to find their master is empty enough for them to wander around in broad-day light.), if you freeze frame the scene and actually read the addresses you'll see the names of Disney characters (like Peter Pan, Snow White, Bambi), as well as descriptions of Disney characters like "Flying Elephant" (Dumbo), and "Wooden Puppet"(Pinocchio). You'll even see descriptions of the main characters in the movie, such as "Brave Toaster", "Gruff Vacum", "Loud Radio" and so on and so forth. So if you watch the film again, be sure to pause that scene and watch it in slow-mo for you to see these Easter Eggs for yourself.

Stay tuned for when I get to the Disney villains who made it to the top 10 spot on my list! 

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