Thursday, October 22, 2015


Yesterday I reviewed a horror parody that was stupid and pointless, well, here's my review on its stupid and pointless sequel...

Picking up after the events of the last movie; Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) survives from the attack of his possessed wife, and thinking that she's dead, Malcolm decides to start over and marry a woman who has two kids, and move into an old house, which of course is haunted. He encounters a creepy doll named Abigail; he finds videos of a demon trying to kill the families who lived in the house; his stepson has an imaginary friend named Tony that's real; his Step Daughter finds a mysterious box; and there's a ghost in the house. Having trouble fighting against the evils that lurk in the house, he gets help from a priest, ghost hunters, a professor, and his Mexican neighbor. The film as you may have guessed, not only parody's the "Found Footage" genre again, but also parody's "The Conjuring". I honestly don't have anything much new to say about this film because the film suffers from the same exact problems that the first film had! The only difference is we get new characters, and a new horror film to parody. However, I'm going to give it my best shot.

Marlon Wayans as our comical lead is just as annoying, loud, and obnoxious as he was in the first film, and his lack of heart and effort in this film just keeps getting worse and worse as the film moves on. Next, there's his Wife (Jaime Pressly) and if you think his previous Wife was annoying in the first film, his new Wife is ten times worse, with her extremely bitchy personality. Speaking of his previous Wife, she too appears in the movie as well, and not only is she not funny, but outside of the opening scene, it felt pointless having her in the movie, not to mention that she's given very little to do. The kids, my god, do they suck! The teenage sister has so little personality, that not only is the material she's given not funny, but her bland personality really irritates me! The little brother with the imaginary friend not only is just as bland and unfunny as the sister, but the amount of curse words that come out of his mouth, are actually pretty disturbing, and unsettling; instead of being funny or clever. I don't mind kids cursing that much in film since most of us as kids were exposed to those words, but the stuff he just blurts out in this film feel very forced and unnecessary. The old professor that Malcolm contacts who makes drugs in his lab, did not for a single second make me laugh with his over the top love for drugs, sex, and partying. It just looks wrong and gross seeing an old man doing all that stuff, and yes, he's given a god awful potty joke when we first meet him. The two ghost hunters who are a parody of the ghost hunting couple in "The Conjuring" have stupid and annoying personalities along with those dimwitted smiles that they keep throughout their appearance in the film are so creepy and irritating, that even a baby won't find it funny! The Mexican neighbor much like the Hispanic housekeeper in the first film, is just there to be stereotypical, and yeah, I know he's Spanish in reality, but the racial humor that he and Wayans exchange are just as forced and mean spirited as the kids swearing, then it is doing something that's both funny and smart. As for the returning characters such as the black priest and the gangsta cousin, they’re just as sleazy and unfunny as they were in the previous film.

Much like the comedy in the first film it’s just as god awful! The parodies and references they make on horror and Pop culture are so hammered into the movie that not once did I laugh, or thought the stuff they were satirizing or referencing was clever at all. The slapstick, especially from the demon who fails to kill his victims, felt so forced and lack so much heart, that it not only failed to make me laugh, but at times was very predictable. The constant swearing in the film that's played out for laughs as our characters yells them out, is so utterly annoying with its bad and over the top unfunny acting that it really gets under my skin. As for the sex jokes, they're just as sickening and perverted as the sex jokes in the first film. Scenes when Marlon Wayans having sex with the scary doll; Wayans being forced to have sex with his wife; and the dick coming out of the daughter’s throat, my god, are so pornographic and gross, that none of it is funny, or felt needed at all!

After reviewing both films, they both suck really, really badly! There's nothing funny or smart about these films at all. The jokes drag on too much; the humor is so forcefully shoved in your face, that it's very uncomfortable; the actors and characters are so childishly annoying that they're on the same level of annoyance as Tyler Perry, and Jar Jar Binks; the sex jokes are just plain sick and disgusting; and the horror films they parody are obviously just there as bait for you to see the movie. These two films are a huge disgrace to parody, along with many other bad parody films. To me, it seems that these people know that these films are high class effortless crap, and don't care if you like them or not. As long as you see them and give them money, that's all that matters to them, which is not only downright sad and depressing, but this pointless and half-assed sequel is living proof of it!


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