Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I went to story in "The Magic Of Disney Animation" and what I saw was a film called...

The film is a fun interactive film with two screens, one involves the character, the other is the animators and the person interacting is your host. The interaction in this film is great and really makes you feel like the character's really there. Mushu who you may remember him from Disney's "Mulan" not only steals the show but he's actually funnier in this film then he is in the actual film. I can't tell if it's Eddie Murphy's voice or not but if it's an impersonator, he really nailed it. The interviews from the animators are interesting and fun and learning how they create this character is very fun and interesting. You'll also see a sneak peek of "Monsters University" which is already out but for the time this was released it gave us a good and interesting inside look. Overall it's very fun and educational and we're probably seeing the character Mushu at his best.


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