Thursday, August 15, 2013


Meet Greg (Zachary Gordon) a short kid who just started Middle School and is trying to work his way to become a favorite in the yearbook. However, his friend Rowley (Robert Capron) starts off from being a  loser to being one of the most favorite kids in the school. Greg gets jealous and he becomes an asshole throughout the whole entire film.

As you may have guessed, I really don't like our main character. I know he redeems himself but that doesn't mean that his friend didn't suffer from not being saved, I was really hoping that this kid would give himself up for him during the climax but now I'm getting ahead of myself and probably giving you away the ending. At first I like that Greg was some unpopular kid that wants to be popular I started getting really attached to him but as the film went on, he just kept getting meaner and meaner to the point where I can't stand him and say "You know what, let the little brat suffer"! Even when he stands up to bullies he makes people suffer with him. On top of it, he practically lets his friend take all the abuse even in the films climax, some kid and friend he is. Rowley in my opinion should have been the focus because he's more fun, more interesting and more likable then our lead! The rest of the characters are really bland and very one dimensional with little to no development. You got the over the top parents, the mean older brother, the gross loser kid, the snotty brat, the over exaggerated teachers and the teenagers that chase after underage kids...dude, seriously call the freaking cops! As for the acting well, it's adequate that's all I'm going to say. It's not good but not awful either.

The writing is really not that good. Like I said the writing for most of the characters suck, the whole stinky cheese plot device is gross and stupid (Why don't the janitors get rid of it, like sweep it up or something), the chemistry between other characters is either bland or mean spirited, the speech at the end is poor and the film feels like it's more focused on jokes then story because the story feels very rushed, almost as if the people behind the film were more focused on the humor then the story. With all the negative stuff said, I do like that the film has a style. The narration is entertaining, the jokes and comedy are fun for kids, I love that we go into the kids mind to see his fantasy look on reality and the diary segments are enjoyable.

While being a lame kids film it's still entertaining.


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