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Easter the day when Jesus was resurrected after being crucified on the cross. So what does this have to do with a Bunny that gives out Eggs and Candy?

What's the point of having an Easter bunny, where's the connection to Jesus? There's simply no connection what so ever. Ok, so Santa Claus doesn't connect to Jesus either, but he gives gifts and he's generous like the people and Kings who gave to Jesus on his birthday, so there's a some what connection to Jesus being born. The Easter Bunny is just another excuse for a second gift getting Holiday. I never believed in one as a kid, in fact, I was a bit scared. When I saw the bunny in Malls, it didn't convince me either; it's just some person in a costume who looks like the mascots you'd find in Time Square. Even the Easter specials didn't help either, they were just as stupid and pointless as throwing in an Easter Bunny on a sacred Holiday. However, there is one Easter special that is not only funny but actually gives sense and at least a purpose for an Easter Bunny and that's South Park's...


Stan asks a legit question, how does the Easter Bunny connect with Jesus being resurrected? To find out the truth, Stan sets out on an adventure to learn the true meaning of Easter.

South Park's outlook on the true meaning of Easter, is not only funny, but makes more sense than having an Easter Bunny hide the Eggs that you colored, in your own house, while leaving you treats on a day when Jesus was resurrected. Yeah, you can find it offensive or even call it blasphemy, but come on, so is that freaking bunny. If I were told about the Easter Bunny the way South Park put it, I'd actually buy it. Thank you Trey Parker and Matt Stone for creating such comedic and Easter gold.

The episode itself, while mocking the typical Easter tradition has a lot of other funny things going on. It has tons of action and let me tell you, I never thought I'd see the candy "Peeps" be so deadly. It also parody's the "Da Vanci Code" so cleverly. I also love that the episode's villain is William Anthony Donohue, who responded to the episode by saying "I take over the church and give it some guts". Of course the appearances of Eric Cartman, Kyle and Jesus (Who we haven't seen since "Red Sleigh Down" believing he died permanently) are funny and great.

It has to be thee best Easter Special I've ever seen. If you don't buy the whole Easter Bunny thing like I do, try watching this episode before you think about not taking part in this Easter tradition. It's a great Easter special and I watch it every Easter. That's right, I choose this over Rankin/Bass's Easter Special, which I MIGHT review next Easter.



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