Friday, March 29, 2013


Well, we're near the end of Mel Brooks Month and since tomorrows a special day and Easter follows the day after I'm going to end it here. Now I usually end the directors month with one of his most recent films, however, his most recent (which he didn't direct) was the remake of "The Producers" and the last film he directed was a horror comedy called "Dracula: Dead And Loving It", but that falls into horror month. So here's his second or third to last if you count the remake of "The Producers",

The film is a parody and Mel Brooks twist on the famous Robin Hood story. Robin Hood and his Men In Tights are outlaws who fights for the poor to save a town from the nasty Prince John who's in control while his brother is out fighting in the Crusades. Robin also has a love interest named Maid Marian who he hopes to win her love and take her virginity.


The characters and actors are well casted, however, most them (compared to previous Mel Brooks characters) are not really that memorable or well performed. I was happy that they got Cary Elwes to play our title character, but to be honest I feel like I'm watching the Farm Boy from "The Princess Bride" doing a somewhat sequel or prequel to the film, under a different name and different land. The love interest played by Amy Yasbeck is sadly a forgettable Mel Brooks female character and the only thing that I can remember from her is her chastity belt jokes. The villains played by Roger Rees as the Sheriff and Richard Lewis as Prince John, um Dark Helmet is better and more threatening than these wimps. The Men In Tights such as Eric Allan Kramer, Matthew Porretta, Mark Blankfield and Dave Chappelle, forgettable, not funny and as gay as The Spartans in "Meet The Spartans". I'm really disappointed with Chappelle in this film and yes I love his show! There were some characters I liked such as Dom DeLuise as Don Giovanni doing a sick  Marlon Brando impression that beats all the great ones like John Belushi and Diane Keaton, and I did enjoy Mel Brooks as Rabbi Tuckman. Others like Tracy Ullmen, Issac Hayes, Dick Van Patten, Megan Cavanagh and Patrick Stewart are I guess ok, but still feel like they give a dull performance. Oh and Robert Ridgely returning as The Hangman Boris from "Blazing Saddles", I never thought Mel Brooks would ever bring back a previous character from one of his movies and this appearance feels well a bit lazy and desperate for a laugh then a clever cameo or hidden Easter Egg.


The film while being an entertaining comedy is not one of Mel Brook's best. The film feels like I'm watching a cheap copy of "The Princess Bride" with a little bit of unfunny "Monty Python" skits, and most of Mel Brooks's rehashed and rejected jokes and it all comes out as one of the many unsuccessful spinoffs to the "Scary Movies". Sure I laughed here and there because let's be honest Mel Brooks does know how to be entertaining, but for the majority of it I feel like I'm watching the same jokes being rehashed, done differently in a unfunny way and the jokes we all know and love from Mel Brooks aren't naturally funny, they feel forced. Even his Movie reference to his previous films are forced. The Music numbers are alright, but let's be honest they're not that memorable. Heck, most of it is pointless and done as filler. The rapping numbers suck and feel very out of place and most of the singing is obviously lip synched which I didn't think was that funny.

While being one of Mel Brooks weakest films, it's still entertaining and is what many consider a love or hate film.


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