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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Before I begin my Halloween review, I just want to announce that I'm planing on keeping MOST of my Horror reviews on October from here on out. I probably won't do it for 31 Days, because I don't want to limit myself. So the amount of horror reviews for October will be unpredictable. I might do less, or more than 31 horror films, and if that's the case, I'll post more then 1, on that day. With that announcement out of the way, lets celebrate my favorite Holiday as I review...

In this famous Independent low budget Slasher flick about a masked killer who visits his home town neighborhood, only to kill teenagers, is not only considered a classic Slasher film, but has basically set the rules for the Slasher genre. While there were plenty of  other Slasher films before this film (Like "Psycho" for example), this film was responsible for bringing the style and formula to the mainstream of films. Not only do we get most of the Slasher cliches that we see today from this film, but the film itself took some famous horror cliches, and not only brought something new to them, but made them more popular than they already were.

Our killer is none other than Michael Myers, who everybody who's familiar with the horror genre knows about. An escaped mental patient, who was put in an Asylum after murdering his teenage sister at the age of 6. First off, I love that we actually get to see the killer's back story in the very beginning, rather than finding out about the killer midway through the film, or at the very end. When I first saw the first killing in this movie through the point-of-view shot of the killer, I was expecting the killer to be a grown man, but once the killer's mask is removed, I was shocked to find out that it was a 6 year old kid. I can't tell you how unprepared I was for that twist. I also love how this short and brief back story is connected to the majority of the film. His first murder took place on Halloween; he's wearing a mask; and his targeted victims are teenage babysitters that love to have to sex, which is exactly what his sister was, before he murdered her.

When we see him as an adult, he becomes even more terrifying than he was when he was a kid. The first half of the movie after his first killing, we don't see him murdering people, or heck, even see him at all. Most of the crimes he commits, happens off-screen; we briefly see him appearing and disappearing in the background or foreground; we see through his eyes as he stalks his victims, and never at all do we see his face; and as he stalks his victims, we don't know what he's thinking, planning, or what he's going to do, which brings some serious suspense and tension, especially when we hear his heavy breathing. He's like a Time-Bomb, you just never know when he's going to go off.

When we finally do see the killer wearing his mask and killing people one by one, he's just as terrifying as we hoped he would be. Again, he's unpredictable and you never know when he's going to strike, and when he does, and even if you knew it was coming, it's always a surprise that catches you off guard! The death's themselves aren't as bloody or gory as you expect them to be, but they are indeed creative, scary, and always gets better after each viewing. What I also love about this killer is, he's a lifeless soul that's unstoppable and can't be killed no matter how many times you try to kill him. He'll just get back up acting like that he hasn't had a scratch on him and come after you. He also apparently knows how to drive a car, despite being locked away since he was 6 years old. It makes you wonder if this villain is really human, or actually is the Boogeyman? The classic Halloween mask he wears is not only cool and iconic, but it's actually a William Shatner Mask that was inside out, painted white, messed up the hair, and was probably inspired to look like William Shatner from "The Devil's Rain".

Donald Pleasance plays the role of Dr. Sam Loomis, who's Myers psychiatrist is perfect for the role. Seeing him track down Myers and knowing everything about him is just interesting as seeing Dr.Frankenstein, Van Helsing, or heck, even Quint from "JAWS" fighting against a monster that they know all about, as well as having a bit of past with the actual monster, or the type of monster that they are fighting against. What's great about his performance is the dialogue he's given about Myers. He delivers the dialogue in such an interesting, and chilling way, that it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Finally, there's Jamie Lee Curtis as the teenage babysitter Laurie, who not only gives a great and likable performance, but when you see her being chased by Myers at the end, you actually do feel just as scared as she is, and her screams and reactions look very legit! Once she steps foot inside the house where her friend babysits, we get a really cool, suspenseful, scary, action packed, and on the edge of your seat climax, that for me is the highlight of the movie! The rest of the characters such as the teenagers, the Sheriff that accompanies Dr.Loomis, and the kids that Laurie babysits, may not be as memorable as the characters I just talked about, but they still are likable characters.

What really makes this film so great is the atmosphere! The music done by John Carpenter is so chilling, so haunting, so suspenseful, and so mysterious that without it, the film wouldn't be as good. It brings such a great horrifying and Halloweenish atmosphere, that I get pulled into the movie every time I hear it. The film taking place on Halloween, also does indeed bring the spirit and atmosphere of the Holiday. The film, appropriately opens up with a Jack-A-Latern as the credits roll as we hear the movie's theme song play; the streets are filled with dead leaves; the house are decorated; kids are out Trick-Or-Treating in the street; the teenagers are being naughty; and our characters are alone in the house watching horror movie marathons, and craving Pumpkins. Can't get anymore Halloween, then that.

What more can say about this Halloween classic? The atmosphere is perfect; the story is suspenseful; the killer is scary; the deaths and scares are great; the performances from Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance is excellent; and for being such a huge Milestone in the horror genre, it is indeed a must see for any kind of horror fan!


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