Thursday, June 6, 2013



Just like the first season, all the Bat-Episodes are two parted, so I'll be once reviewing each two part Bat-Episode together as one.


The Archer(Art Carney) is in Gotham stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor, however he's after millions of dollars and plans to counterfeit the money. It is up to the Dynamic Duo to stop The Archer.

 When I first saw The Archer I was thinking to myself "Oh please, Norton dressing up as Robin Hood  running around Gotham with a bow and arrows up against cops with guns and the Dynamic Duo with superior gadgets. This Villain is going to be as bad as King Tut". As I let the Bat-Episode run, I actually thought he was a cool villain. Sure, it's Art Carney in an over the top Halloween costume but he acts tough and respectable instead of being goofy and over the top. Instead of the Villain using regular arrows, the arrows are high tech and are used to knock out people, blind them or blow up. With the money he gives to the poor people, they support him and will help him out with anything. His gang are also parodies on The Robin Hood characters and seem so over the top that makes The Archer look fancy. He's a good Villain but with that said I do want to know what his back story is and why the hell he and his gang dress up as pirates at the climactic battle.

The supporting cast play as big of a role as our heroes and special guest villain. Robert Cornthwaite as Allan A. Dale has a weird over the top British accent but still manages to sound like a classy Ahole. When you see him, you hate him and at the same time see something very suspicious about him. Barbra Nichols as the moll Maid Marilyn was annoying, bland and as predictable as almost all the other molls from season 1.One of the many reasons why I enjoyed this Bat-Episode is we're spending time with the unspoken hero of the show, Alfred. In this, he not only assists Batman in the Batcave and serve Bruce Wayne, he also helps them stop The Archer. He does it by distracting the Archer, risks his life on not telling the Archer where the Batcave is, knows Archery and even has to dress up as Batman while Bruce has to show up to an event.

Once again Adam West and Burt Ward do an excellent job as the Dynamic Duo and are the reason why the series is so memorable and why Batman was recognised. Batman and Robin have new inventions,put a new upgrade to the "Bat Poles" and with the exception of The Movie, this is the first Ba-Episode when we see them ride The "BatBoat".The cinematography was very sloppy. Some of the cut scenes didn't seem to add up, you can tell in some scenes that it's Adam West in the costume instead of Alfred, used stock footage from the film when they enter the "Batboat" and also shows the fake punches in the Batfight. The Cinematography wasn't an entire disappointment, they still managed to get a few nice shots and the climatic Batfight was nicely choreographed and gave our heroes swords instead of using their fists. During the Batfights instead of Pun Words popping up while seeing the action happening, the Pun Words covers the whole entire screen with a colored background for a second. Personally I think this is a great improvement because they defiantly cover up the fake punches better.



Catwoman(Julie Newmar) is back in Gotham City committing robberies with her Cat gang. Catwoman plans to steal a quarter million dollars from a millionaire and two Stradivarius violins from a rich old lady. Can the Dynamic Duo outwit her?

Julie Newmar is once again ppppuuuuuuurrrrrfffffffeeeeeeecccccctttttttt as Catwoman. She's just as purrrfect as she was in the first season, only this time she's more deadly and has new death traps set for the Dynamic Duo. She also has Gotham City's  Jack O'Shea (Jack Kelly) from the Gotham City times to get inside information and even help kill the Dynamic Duo. This is also the first time ever in the Batman media when Catwoman has feelings for Batman and after the events from the movie (Even though for some reason it's taking place after the first BatEpisode with Catwoman, since Commissioner Gordon states that Catwoman's alive at the beginning of the Bat-Episode.) Batman still has feelings for her too, but still sticks to catching her and bringing her to justice, like Catwoman how is constantly trying to kill him, despite her attraction towards him.

As I watched the Bat-Episode I've noticed a few new things. Batman has some new Gadgets such as a phone that can dial by itself to the location they type on the computer, and a pair of Bat-jets that he uses for the climax. Robin has a big part in the climax and cliffhanger which I won't spoil for you. And on top of it, this is the first time when the Duo come to realize the formula of the show for each time they face a criminal. I hope that means there are going to be more changes in the series and better challenges.  The Bat-Episode still keeps it's campy fun and does have some laugh out loud moments. Mines for example is when they're hopping up and down on a hot floor, and the "Superman" reference "It's a Bird,It's a Plane". By the way, Joel Schumacher payed homage to the scene when Alfred asks Batman to bring a snack with him to start his ok movie "Batman Forever" and after hearing the dialogue in that opening scene, you knew the franchise was going down hill...until Nolan saved it.



A singing electronic genius called The Minstrel (Van Johnson) threatens Gotham City's stock market and plans to destroy the city, if they don't give into his demands. The Dynamic Duo is on the case to foil this singing villain.

I didn't think this was possible, but this Bat-Episode made me want to fall asleep. Our villain the Minstrel has to be one of the worst Batman villains I ever seen. First off, he's an expert with electronics, but he dresses up like a Medieval times Minstrel, where's the connection with electronics? Why does he dress up like that? What's his back story? And why doesn't Van Johnson look embarrassed? Instead of him being goofy or an over the top campy villain, he's just a bore and not for a second did I find him a threat. He just makes threats on the TV, uses fireworks to blind people’s eyes, and sings a few public domain tunes with his own lyrics. He's just as bad and uninteresting as King Tut and False Face.

The rest of the Bat-Episode is a snooze fest. The story’s boring. The dialogue's not funny. Batman and Robin aren’t funny. The cliffhanger isn’t fun or interesting. And even the Bat-Fights are boring. But what do you expect when the villains main scheme centers on a stock market. The only scene I enjoyed was Phyllis Diller's cameo but at the same time it still doesn't make the Bat-Episode any better, it's just as boring as the "Star Wars Prequels".




Another accident has happened to the professor from "Yale University" and now he's back to thinking he's King Tut (Victor Buono). He brings scarab beetles to life, makes an ancient mind control potion and plans to once again take over Gotham City. Can the Dynamic Duo bring the professor back to his senses.

When I heard that King Tut was making a come back I rolled my eyes and felt like this BatEpisode was going to stink. The villain still sucks,still acts nothing like the famous Egyptian King (Not to mention he knows how to create life with electricity and use modern day equipment,that defiantly sounds like King Tut),spends half of the time whining and doing stupid things and is obviously not a huge threat to Batman. However, with that said, he did bring one or two funny moments even if they are out of character. His henchmen bring a few laughs as well. Oh by the way King Tut has an insider in Commissioner Gordan's office which is completely obvious of who it is.

What I enjoy about the BatEpisode are the references to the BatEpisode that debuted this (So far) not so good villain because it shows that the writers are trying to make a good sequel instead of an ordinary BatEpisode where the villain comes back and completely never mentions their previous encounters with the villain. The humor in this BatEpisode is really funny and I laughed really hard at some of Robins "Holy" lines; the insanely hypnotized Chief O'Hara; King Tut accidentally getting hit by one of his own henchmen during a Batfight;  and their brief encounter with "The Green Hornet"(Which isn't the last we see of them). I also liked how Batman saved Robin during the result of the cliffhanger and I was kind of freaked out by Batman's hypnotized face when we first see him under Tut's spell.

As enjoyable as the BatEpisode is, the villain's still lame,I found some the Bat-Episode a bit too confusing for kids and it was very predictable.



Ma Parker (Shelley Winters) and her children are causing multiple crimes in Gotham City but Batman and Robin are catching her and one of her children by each crime. After a job well done, Ma Parker has bigger plans. She takes control over the Gotham City State Penitentiary and has now turned it into a criminal paradise. Can the Dynamic Duo stop her?

When I heard that two time Oscar winner Shelley Winters was going to play an old lady with a machine who's a parody of Ma Barker and takes over the State Penitentiary, I got excited. When I saw her in the first part, I felt like she's giving a bit of a bland performance even though I like her old lady charm. Once she takes over the State Penitentiary that's when she starts being fun and crazy. Still even though she does something big in the series, I still feel like there's something bland about her character and performance. Even her children don't amuse me as much.

Once again I do love that the second part takes place in the Gotham City State Penitentiary because we barley see the State Penitentiary in the show. I also enjoy the action in this Bat-Episode,especially the climax battle in the dark where the Dynamic Duo wear glasses to see in the dark, however, I felt like the gun fights weren't convincing enough. I also find some dumb and missed opportunity moments. There's a dumb scene where Batman convinces a criminal that he only has 48 years until he's out and instead of shooting him in a prison where he can easily walk out of, he lets them go. An example of some missed opportunities is when we find out that Catwoman is in the State Penitentiary but instead of having her do something, she just appears for a cameo and asks if the Penguin and the Joker can be let out of solitary,but Ma Parker decides to leave them in there. If they were going to do a big step in the series why not make it a three part BatEpisode and have the best criminals come together again and try to take over Gotham. This BatEpisode has a great premise,but it misses a lot of great opportunities that they could of done with it.



 The Clock King(Walter Slezak) is back in Gotham City. Does his crime have to do with clocks? I don't know,does the Riddler give the Dynamic Duo riddles? Will Batman and Robin stop him before it's too late?

Our villain the Clock King is a decent villain. He's nothing special, he just commits random crimes instead of something big like most of the villains on the show. Walter Slezak does a good job playing this villain and just by watching his performance, I don't feel like he's acting, I feel like he's naturally playing the villain. His henchmen are nothing interesting but I did laugh when one of them makes a huge mistake.  Yes they have that stereotypical moll on their team and I'm going to tell you out of all moll's by far in this show, she's the blandest. She does absolutely nothing nor does she have any character whatsoever.

This Bat-Episode has a ton of laugh out loud moments both in humor and in flaws. The first moment that I found funny, is when Bruce Wayne is having trouble sliding down the Batpole. Then there's the cliffhanger result which had me laughing non stop. The scene when Batman and Robin slip on the slippery floor looks so fake, that I thought the characters were falling on purpose until the Clock King tells them that it's a trap. The Bat-fights are really funny as well, especially in the clock tower and I love how Dick's one fake punch stops the entire crew from kidnapping Aunt Harriet. My favorite moment is when the Dynamic Duo are sitting down in the Batmobile in a drive Inn restaurant while eating Batburgers. Oh and the celebrity window cameo in this BatEpisode is Sammy Davis Jr. It's a  decent BatEpisode with lots of funny moments.



Egg Head (Vincent Price) goes to Gotham City to make a deal with Chief Screaming Chicken (Edward Everett Horton) to take over and rule Gotham City.Egghead is successful and the Dynamic Duo are banned from the City. Can they get back the city?

Vincent Price can still do no wrong. He's Eggcellent as a villain with a smart brain and obsession with eggs. He does more than what Ma Parker did when she took over a key piece of Gotham,he has egged shaped bombs and devices to kill and stop the Dynamic Duo and he's the first villain to figure out who Batman is(Wow I mean isn't obvious to the people in Gotham yet, in fact look how Bruce Wayne handles the trapped millionaires,look how Aunt Harriet notices that Bruce and Dick leave in a hurry, even Commissioner Gordan and Chief O'Hara know about Bruce and Dick, can anyone figure that out. In fact Batman doesn't even hide his voice, who else has a natural super heroic voice in public, THINK PEOPLE OF GOTHAM, THINK!).Vincent Price can also make as many egg puns as he wants that can be lame and cheesy and still sound classy and respectable. I will admit the Egg Puns from the characters and story do get annoying from time to time. Oh and as for the Indian played by comedic actor Edward Everett Horton, what an awful stereotypical mistral show on an Indian.

The BatEpisode has some very funny moments such as the laughing gas being sprayed on the Dynamic Duo and they have to take sad pill to save themselves and the climatic Batfight which goes from throwing eggs to a messy fist fight. I also love how Bruce Wayne saves the millionaires and how Dick has to save Bruce Wayne at one point. Oh and our celebrity window cameo for when the Dynamic Duo are climbing down for a change is the comedic character Jose Jimenez. Aside from the Indian stereotype and amount of egg puns that this BatEpisode has, it's still very fun, enjoyable and the villain is played by horror movie master Vincent Price.



A great pianist named Chandell (Liberace) is being black mailed by his twin brother Harry (Also played by Liberace) and must take up a life of crime until he can pay him off. The Dynamic Duo are out of town and it's up to Commissioner Gordon and Chief O' Hara to stop this villain. Can they stop him? Unfortunately no but don't worry in 10 minutes will see Batman and Robin appear.

Liberace as both villains gives a very wooden performance. When he's Chandell (Aka Fingers) he's paralytically playing himself and when he's the villain, he's no where near interesting. This villain duo is trying to bring back the villain duo from the BatEpisode "Zelda The Great/A Death Worse Than Fate", Chandell is Zelda and Harry is Eivol. It would be a great idea to bring back this rare concept to the show for our main villain but sadly it's doing a poor job. Chandell wanting to be free from crime isn't treated as effective as Anne Baxter as Zelda and the villain is not as fun or threatening as Jack Kruschen as Eivol. The only scenes when I ever liked  Liberace in, is when ever he's playing the piano. The henchman are lame,the criminal lawyer Mr.Slye(James Millhollin) is not amusing and the girls while looking sexy,do nothing and play an irritating noise.

With a bad villain, their are still many good things to say about this BatEpisode.First off, I like that we first see our heroes on vacation before they fight crime and I love how willing Dick is to go right back on duty, even when he's about to score. The BatFight in the first part is funny because they're trying not to hit the sexy girls who are in the way, I like that we see an image of Chandell in Robins mind and the cliffhanger result made me laugh. Batman and Robin aren't really the focus and it's not Commissioner Gordon or Chief O' Hara, nope not Alfred either, it's Aunt Harriett. That's right Aunt Harriett gets the spotlight. She has a romantic time with Chandell as they drink root beer out of a wine glass and she even acts heroic at the climax. I also feel the heartbreak and the love she has for Chandell. The villains may suck but what makes it work is Aunt Harriet being the focus and for giving her the spotlight I think it deserves a fair rating.



The Penguin has gone straight again and now he's running for Mayor of Gotham City. The Dynamic Duo know that Penguin is just using his tricks to turn Gotham into a criminal wasteland, if he wins the election. So, it is up to Batman to stop the fiend by running for Mayor.

Burgess Meredith's reprise as the Penguin is outstanding. He's just as evil, crooked-ed and devilish as he was in the last Season and in the film. His ways of campaging is so tempting, so over the top that you get the feeling he's going to win. We've seen him pretend to go straight before but here he acts so straight that there's nothing they can do to him since he's now a political figure. Even during the death- trap, the Penguin doesn't show his true colors, he sees it and waddles to the police (By the way, how did Batman not get his face burned?). We've seen so many new villains this in the past couple of BatEpisodes that seeing the Penguin played by the original actor is a breath of fresh air (Same feeling goes to Julia Newmar as Catwoman).

So what does Batman do, you expect him to do something as over the top as the Penguin, maybe huge posters, big special effects, maybe a Bat-Dance. No, he acts like a regular guy running for Mayor with boring speeches and small posters. As for the good stuff like the humor, it's not all that funny but it does have some interesting social commentary behind it. The Bat-Fights in this Bat-Episode are indeed a lot of fun. We got one when the goons get knocked through a machine and one where both Batman and the Penguin are fighting crooks while being filmed and interview, as a guy watching the fight is keeping score on who's knocking out the most goons. This Bat-Episode is surprisingly not boring but it is a bit too goofy and dull in some places, but with that said, we do get a great return to a great villain and this plot (Well without Batman running for Mayor) will be used again in Tim Burton's "Batman Returns".




(Hey doesn't he look like Darth Vader without his mask in "Return Of The Jedi"?)


Mr. Freeze (Otto Preminger) has escaped from the Gotham State Penitentiary and has kidnapped Miss Iceland. Mr.Freeze plans to use a phony Dynamic Duo and make them look bad. Mr.Freeze also plans on Freezing Gotham City for ransom. Why does this plan sound familiar? Oh wait the phony Batman is nearly a rehash from two previous episodes (One with Mr.Freeze) and planing to Freeze Gotham will later be used in Joel Schumacher's horrible film "Batman And Robin".

Mr.Freeze has a better looking design and really looks more like a frozen soul then George Sanders design, not to mention they gave him a collar to keep him cold instead of a Spacesuit but the performance from Otto Preminger is nothing compared to Sanders. He's not interesting, his plans feel weak and on top of it, he plans to make Miss Iceland his comment there. While actually looking like the character he doesn't feel or act like the character. Oh and by the way, one of his Henchman is named Frosty, yeah Joel Schumacher has a henchman named Frosty in his film too. Oh and the snooty news reporter that's after Batman, she feels like a minor character.

As for the BatEpisode, it's boring, confusing and stupid. We don't see them get out of the death trap in the second half the Batfights are really really fake and not fun to watch and we get a poorly acted kid, who some how can get past police security to see Batman and Robin. The BatEpisode just gets worse and worse as it goes on and I am in great disappointment.




The Joker (Cesar Romero) is back and goes from Key related pranks to having a Magic Box that can hypnotize the Dynamic Duo and control time with a Gargoyle Key. It's going to take more than the Dynamic Duo to get this clown. To help them, they ask the shows unsung hero Alfred to help.

Cesar Romero (Like Penguin & Catwoman) brings a breath of fresh air of Nostalgia from the first Season and film. Just like he was in the first Season and film, he's funny, over the top and never ceases to not be enjoyable. I love that he has a Magic Box because not only is it creative but it's more threatening than his Utility Belt against the Dynamic Duo. The death trap he sets for the Dynamic Duo is not one but two, yes he uses separate death traps for Batman and Robin which doubles the suspense.We even get to find out who the Joker was before he became this great villain and actually find out what he did for his henchman. We do get that pointless moll but she does provide a few laughs.

Batman and Robin are cool and their Batfights in this BatEpisode are really great and funny, in fact Batman has to fight a bunch of henchmen by himself. Oh and our celebrity window cameo in this BatEpisode is Howard Duff as Det. Sgt. Sam Stone. Bruce and Dick also get ready to watch "The Green Hornet",which is odd cause in this "Batman" world they meet the Hornet and Kato. Bit confusing but still a good crossover. Our real hero in this BatEpisode is really Alfred and I will not spoil of what he does that's heroic. I will say the actor plays two different characters in this BatEpisode and plays them very very well. The only issue I have are the Key puns in this BatEpisode but it's a campy show, so I'll let it slide. I feel so refreshed watching a good BatEpisode after watching an extremely disappointing one.



The villainous and seductive Marsha (Carolyn Jones) has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara and put them under her love spell with her Love Darts. Marsha also plans to steal the BatDiamond but must find a way to get the Dynamic Duo to have her locate the BatCave. Will the Dynamic Duo give into her?

Carolyn Jones (Who you might know her as the original Morticia Addams in the Original "Addams Family") is really great as this elegant and seductive villain. I love how she makes men fall in love with her, with Love Darts and keeps them in cages as we see them beg for her to stay and as well as fight over her. She even almost succeeds in marrying Batman. Her Aunt Hilda played by Estelle Winwood(Who you might remember her as "Hold Me, Touch Me" in the original Producers and as Pony's Mother in "Darby O' Gill And The Little People") is just as great as Jones is as this old over the top woman who mostly fails at making potions. Marsha even has Woody Strode (Who played Draba in "Spartacus") as her main henchmen. This is really solid casting and performances for the villains. Sadly the villain herself is nothing that special, and honestly I don't what kind of villain that she's supposed to be. She's a rich and elegant diamond obsessed women with Arab henchmen and an Aunt who's a Witch. I honestly don't understand the overall concept of this villain,

Batman and Robin are great as always and yes we get some really good Batfights in this BatEpisode. Their New Gadget the BatDiamond is well designed is not just a Giant Diamond but is also the Power Source for the BatComputer in the BatCave. Speaking of the BatCave we don't see Bruce and Dick slide down the BatPoles when they're called in by Commissioner Gordon, they're already in the BatCave for a change. This is also the first time when both Alfred and Aunt Harriet get to save Batman and the person who came up with the idea to save him I'll let you see for yourself. There are also some really shocking moments where you swear that Batman is in trouble or if his identity is figured out. Another good and solid Bat-Episode, despite some issues that I have with it.



Cowboy wearin crook named Shame(Cliff Robertson) is stealing vehicles to make a truck so fast that the Dynamic Duo won't catch him. With their fast truck they can not only get away from Batman and Robin but can start their big robbery. Can our heroes catch him and stop him.

Cliff Robertson (Who we all know him best as Uncle Ben in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy) as the villain Shame (Which mocks the Western hero Shane) really plays the role very well. He acts and has the charm of a classic Western bandit, he's always fun to watch and seems like he's having fun with the role. As good as the performance is, the villain's main scheme is well mediocre and anti climatic, he's not really much of a threat to the Duo (Well at least until he has his gang surround them and start shooting) and his posse are not really that memorable except for the Cowgirl played by Joan Staley, she at least does something compared to most female henchmen. Shame's not a terrible villain there's just a lot of ups and downs to him.

Batman and Robin have put a new upgrade to their BatCycle and you can still see the BatDiamond in the BatCave and we get to once again see the vehicle that Alfred rides. The BatFights at the end is really fun and funny, in fact we get to see Robin actually go for a piggy back on one of the criminals backs during the fight. This is also the first time when the Dynamic Duo actually get shot and injured by a bullet. Oh and our celebrity window cameo in this episode is Werner Klemperer as  Col. Wilhelm Klink from "Hogan's Heroes". The only thing that annoyed me in this BatEpisode besides my mixed feelings towards the villain is that annoying kid Andy. He can't act, serves no purpose in the plot and where the heck is his Mother and what's he doing on an empty lot? Fun BatEpisode but my feelings are a bit mixed.



The Penguin has just opened a restaurant where the customers every order has to be written down by on a piece of paper. He then plans to get himself arrested and hand over the handwritten notes to a forger doing time by the name of Ballpoint Baxter. A bit of a confusing plan for a kids show but ok. Can Batman and Robin keep this bird out of prison.

Burgess Meredith is as always remarkable as this classy devilish part human and part Animal. Yeah, his plot is confusing to younger viewers but neither the less you still see him doing no good and I love the many desperate attempts he makes to have him go to prison.I even find it really funny that it's nearly impossible for him to go to Jail even when committing a big crime. Oh and he's come up with his best Death trap yet. He even recognizes Alfred and captures him. His henchman are not memorable but I'll give the writers credit for actually having the moll do something important.

The BatEpisode is very entertaining and fun. Our Dynamic Duo have to constantly switch back and fourth from being Bruce and Dick to Batman and Robin during situations. The BatFights are once again enjoyable and I enjoy how they throw criminals in cells, having a henchman accidentally hitting Penguin, there's a Batfight in Wayne Manor and even Aunt Harriett joins in a bit. Oh and our celebrity window cameo is Ted Cassidy as Lurch from "The Addams Family" and as they climb you can hear the "Addams Family" theme song play.

To be honest I feel that this should be the Penguin's first BatEpisode in season 2 then the one with him running for Mayor.



Catwoman is free from the Gotham State Penitentiary, however she has a big caper planed. She has a device to steal voices from people and an antidote spray to give the voices back. She holds the voices of singing duo Chad and Jeremy for ransom and if she doesn't get the money she'll take all the voices from the world, even though it's not explained how she can achieve that part of the caper.

Julia Newmar is once again pppppuuuuurrrrrrfect as Catwoman. Her gadgets are cool, she's more threatening then she ever was in her previous BatEpisodes and man is she hot! While her henchmen bore me, I must say this is the first I see her have another girl on her team. They also carry cool golden ray guns and wear Catvision goggles to see in the dark. Just like in her previous BatEpisode, she's still in love with Batman and Batman hints that he likes her back. In fact, they almost share a kiss, uh if only the boy blunder didn't interrupt such a romantic scene, HOLY DOWNER!

This has to be the first BatEpisode in the series where a special guest is playing themselves and showing up more than just making a cameo during the BatClimb scenes. Yeah, I don't think Chad and Jeremy are memorable musicians in today's standards like Simon and Garfunkel but they're still wonderful performers and this BatEpisode shows their talent. Other celebrities that appear in this BatEpisode are Steve Allen (Who's called Allen Stevens in this episode),Joe Flynn,Maurice Dallimore(Who appeared in the Movie) and Don Ho as our celebrity window cameo.The Batfights are funny and Batman and Robin share some funny moments and lines.Another great BatEpisode



The Riddler, I mean the Puzzler(Maurice Evans), who leaves Riddles, I mean Puzzle clues, is in Gotham City and uses balloons full of gas to knock out people but it leaves people standing still. His plan is to steal a special plane. Can our Duo solve his puzzles, they solved riddles, so you tell me!

Alright, based on my description of the BatEpisodes villain played by Maurice Evans you already know I'm going to say he's a copycat of The Riddler.  Well this villain has appeared in Superman but yeah he is, in fact half of the time I expect Batman to call him Riddler. Originally this BatEpisode was going to star the Riddler, However, Frank Gorshin was in the middle of a contract dispute, so I'm glad at least they didn't find a different actor to replace him, because let's be honest he is the Riddler. Anyway, aside from being a copycat of the Riddler is the villain good, not in the least interesting or threatening. The only person who I found more interesting was his useless moll that wants to be an actress, yeah shocker! Oh and his knock out gas balloons, uh beware of the Puzzler?

The BatEpisode follows under the dullness of the BatEpisodes with The Minstrel and the unmasked Darth Vader Mr.Freeze. Batman and Robin are boring, the death trap is boring, the side characters are boring, the Batfights are even boring, ok I'll be honest it was cool seeing Robin knock out those punks one at a time. Our celebrity Window cameo is Santa Claus played by Andy Devine. His performance of Santa is not only creepy but he sounds a bit drunk. Dull,not funny and we get a lame copycat villain.



Catwoman (Julie Newmar) and Sandman(Michael Rennie) have teamed up to steal the fortune from a rich woman who owns a spaghetti factory named Mrs.(Isn't obvious for a campy show) Spaghetti. Batman must fight alone since his Batmobile has been taken and Robin has been kidnapped.

Well, I haven't seen villains team up since the Movie and this formula in this BatEpisode unfortunately doesn't work. I have no problems with Julie Newmar as Catwoman at all. She actually creates another maze for her prisoner Robin. However, that's all she does in this BatEpisode, she's useless here and her love for Batman that's been developed in previous BatEpisodes is mostly forgotten. The Sandman played by Michael Rennie literally puts me to sleep. I like Michael Rennie but his performance is bland and boring. Sure, he steals the Batmobile and kidnaps Robin but come on that's not new, villains have done it before. Oh and his sleeping powder that puts people to sleep, well at least he gets them to do something with the gas and that's making the victims sleepwalk and do what he says. Other than that the villain is boring and the chemistry between the two villains is dull.

The BatEpisode has plenty of funny dialogue and I must to admit I was laughing out loud a few times. The Batfights are at least action packed and entertaining and I love that they use sleeping supplies during the fight, it's what I call the ultimate pillow fight. We also get to see use of vehicles such as The BatBoat and The AlfCycle. Oh and my favorite moment is when the Batcomputer releases Spaghetti as a clue to the victim that the villains are after.Bad partnership between a good villain and a boring villain but it does carry some good laugh out loud moments.



The Mad Hatter has returned to Gotham and plans to steal Batman's Mask (Or should I say Cowl) and plans to kill him. Pretty much your plot right here, nothing new, except he's after a ruby as well.

David Wayne reprises his role as The Mad Hatter (Still no "Alice In Wonderland" typed gang) and even though his plan is a rehashed plan, he still gives a good performance. He also has a radioactive ray that contaminates Batman's mask which turns it pink and if that's not enough he nearly kills the Dynamic Duo big time and we're led to believe that their dead in the second half of the BatEpisode which also leads to a funny "NO" sequence.

The BatFights in this BatEpisode are really funny and action packed, there's a fist fight while also throwing pies and having the thugs accidentally hit each other and a climatic fight on the water tower. One of my favorite moments is when the moll treats the Dynamic Duo as customers while lying to them to realizing that their Batman and Robin. Isn't as obvious as Bruce Wayne revealing himself in the end of "Batman Returns" while Christopher Walken asks why Bruce is dressed up like Batman?

Nothing special or new but it's enjoyable.



Joker and Penguin have banded together to take over Gotham, with the Joker's Zodiac crimes. Can the Dynamic Duo stop them?

Not to long ago,we saw a bad and boring partnership between Catwoman and Sandman, well this BatEpisode makes up for that loss and has brought back a brilliant villain partnership since the film. The Joker and Penguin are always fun to watch when their together,they cause twice as much trouble as they did in the film (Along with Riddler and Catwoman) and you know what,they still can't get along with each other. All the crimes they commit in this BatEpisode are not only brilliant but they succeed almost every time.In fact Joker actually succeeds with polluting the river after his failed attempt in "The Impractical Joker/The Joker Provokers". This is also the first three parted BatEpisode of the series,which means we get twice as many death traps, best one is when Joker sicks a giant man eating Clam on them. For the most part, we see more of The Joker but The Penguin shares a decent amount of screen time as well.

Another thing I loved about the BatEpisode is the moll Venus played by Oscar Nominated Actress Terry Moore. I haven't seen a great Female Henchmen since Season 1. Alright, so I praised a few others after that BatEpisode but come on, they're still bland, they're still forgettable and are not interesting in the least. This one is actually a complex character. She takes the villain side, then helps the Dynamic Duo and then gets tricked into doing a villains bidding. In fact, this is the closet I ever seen Batman spend time with a moll. She really is one of the most memorable ones and her plot by the way would have been great for Batgirls origins on the show.

The BatEpisode itself has plenty of action and BatFights that just get better and better. We get to see use of more Gadgets from the Heroes and the Villains side. We also see the return of the Batcopter which hasn't been seen since the film. There's also some really good laugh out loud moments, such as when Alfred almost screams out "It's The BatPhone" in front of Aunt Harriet and the result of the polluted water supply. Oh and we find out that apparently the Batmobiles trunk is big enough to carry 8 people, as The Joker, The Penguin and his 6 henchman get out of the trunk as if they were in a clown car. One of the best BatEpisodes ever!



Catwoman has drugged Robin to have him become a partner in crime. Batman surrenders to be part of her crime but not after taking a Batpill before being drugged (really the villains didn't figure out the effect of the Batpills yet?) and not only does he have to pretend to be a partner in crime but must also help out Catwoman with her crimes as well. Commissioner Gordon and Chief O' Hara has put the Dynamic Duo on their most wanted list and will apprehend them dead or alive. What an outstanding premise. This one holds you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. There's so much going on in the plot and so much conflict with Batman that it keeps getting better and better. With that said, their are some stupid things in this BatEpidsode.

Let's start out with the good stuff. Julie Newmar as Catwoman is more intimidating and more evil then she was in the previous BatEpisodes. Oh and remembered how the love between Batman and Catwoman was ignored in the one where she teamed up with Sandman? We're back to the love between them and we spend more time with their relationship then in any of the previous BatEpisodes. The brainwashed Robin is played very convincingly by Burt Ward and there are times when he's responsible for the downfall of Batman going against Catwoman, he once again even nearly kills Batman. This is also one of those rare BatEpisodes of the series where Batman has to fight crime alone without Robin which makes it more conflicting for this series, as well as having Chief O' Hara and Commissioner Gordon going after the Duo which they haven't done since "The Penguin's Gone Straight/Not Yet He Ain't".

Now the stupid stuff. Well there are some dumb moments such as Catwoman's second hideout that has signs around it that says Catwoman's hideout, it's just as obvious as Mr.Freeze's hideout in Joel Schumacker's "Batman and Robin". Maybe it was a rouse to lure Batman there but it's not explained. If that hideout isn't obvious, there's a home for retired criminals who clearly are still criminals and you can tell right off the bat that it's not a place controlled by cops to contain them, why, because Catwoman easily walks in when she's on Gotham's Most Wanted List. It's not a hideout either, it's a legit place! The Batfights weren't that interesting and the only part that interest me in the Batfight is Robin versing Batman. For me the dumbest part of the whole BatEpisode is the subplot that revolves around the moll played by singer Lesley Gore. She wants to be a singer than a criminal and at first I was thinking OK perhaps this moll will be as good as our last one but no that part of the story is completely ignored after when she sings in front of Catwoman's henchman in like after the first 10 or 12 minutes of the first part of the BatEpisode. Her character is pointless, does nothing except drug Robin in the beginning of the BatEpisode and her musical number was not only pointless but it wasn't good either.

Aside from these dumb moments, it's still a very solid BatEpisode and has indeed stepped up to the plate a little like the previous BatEpisode with The Joker and The Penguin teaming up.




The Penguin and Marsha The Queen Of Diamonds have teamed with a villainous plan. The Penguin has a film studio as a front and Batman and Robin are the stars of a film he's making after the Duo assaulted the Penguin when filming a scene thinking it's a crime. Penguin obviously plans to kill the Duo while making this phony film that makes zero sense and succeed with his evil scheme.This is another three part BatEpisode.

I must say, I'm starting to see a pattern with the whole villain teaming up schemes. We go from a great start with the Movie, to a lame one with Catwoman and Sandman,to a great one with Joker and Penguin and we're back to another lame one. Now while Burgess Meredith, Carolyn Jones and Estelle Winwood as Marsha's Aunt Hilda give great and fun performances (In fact I can tell Burgess Meredith is having a ball playing with the Megaphone), the chemistry between them is lame and boring. As a matter a fact Marsha doesn't even do much in this BatEpisode except distract the guards. The Penguin in the BatEpisode with the Joker did more than her. However, I do like that the various crimes connect in this BatEpisode while the Jokers and Penguins was nothing but chaos.

As for this BatEpisode, it's a lot of fun. There's a lot of good Holy lines from Robin, Batman and Robin are stuck wearing armor from the Medieval Times in the 2nd part, we see our villains survive being trapped in a vault for days(Which I don't understand why our heroes could have just arrested them their), Batman comically acts sad and dramatic for the Penguin to put him in his film and Aunt Hilda creates a monstrous looking reptile creature(Which unfortunately is harmless). There's only one BatFight in this BatEpisode and it's only in the first part but trust me it is good. This BatEpisode also has some really great comic book looking sets.While being a weak villain partnership BatEpisode, it's at least fun and entertaining.



The Riddler's back! Oh, I can't wait to see Frank Gorshin play his character again, it's going to be great, it's going to be...

Why is Gomez from "The Addams Family" dressed like the Riddler?

It's Batman's crime fighting anniversary and The Riddler (John Astin) is back in Gotham causing chaos. That's pretty much the plot.

I'm going to cut to the chase. John Astin as The Riddler,good god is he terrible,even without comparing him to Frank Gorshin. He's not enjoyable or menacing he's just terrible. In fact his image and performance looks and acts like his character Gomez from "The Addams Family" as if he decided to go Trick Or Treating as The Riddler, I simply can't separate his performance as The Riddler with his performance of Gomez. Could they at least get him to shave off his mustache so he wouldn't look like Gomez or were they thinking "If  Caesar Romero wants to keep his mustache on as The Joker, so can John Astin". This is truly one of the worst casting choices on the show and trying to find a replacement for Gorshin on the show should be a sin.

To be fair, it wasn't just Astin who killed the BatEpisode but this BatEpisode is pretty lame too. The opening is a really stupid and an anti climatic way to open the BatEpisode. How the Dynamic Duo save the day is really really confusing,epically to a young crowd. The BatFights are boring, even the underwater BatFight in a flooded bank was boring. The supporting cast are very forgettable including a professor played by Martin Kosleck,a bland moll and a Dictator who resembles Castro. The Riddler's weapon is a device that can make things disappear and instead of using a cheap campy looking effect, it's just a tiny flashlight, good god am I starting to miss those cheap campy effects! The only thing this BatEpisode has to offer is when the duo use their rocket boots but that only appears for a second or 2.While having a really bad performance by John Astin, the BatEpisode had a lot of bad things going on as well and for the most part comes out as another borefest.



The Joker is forming a counterfeit operation. Batman tries to get proof as his alter ego Bruce Wayne pretending to be corrupt and get help from The Joker. However, his plan backfires and Joker becomes Vice Chairman of the Gotham City National Bank. Despite his crime history and despite that he tried to kill Robin (Which I don't understand why he couldn't be arrested for attempt of murder) he's running things fine, the Dynamic Duo must trick him to revealing his crime, however, due to Bruce's action, he is considered mentally ill.A little bit of politics in this Bat-Episode, however at least it's not as boring as the one with The Ministerial.

Cesar Romero is as always fantastic as The Joker and never stops being fun. Yeah, his plan is a bit confusing at points but at least he's giving a fun performance. The Joker by the way is under the alias of "Whiteface" and yes I cracked up big time. The Joker even has his own JokeMobile and yes it's pretty cool. His henchman, well you're in for a shocker, are not humans, they're Robots. That's right, the Joker has Robots as his recruit. It's silly but it goes with the campy show and to be honest I actually find it cool. The Joker also has a moll played by Phyllis Douglas and guess what, she's always with the Joker in every scene and is just as in on the plan as Harley Quinn.

What really makes this BatEpisode amazing is we mostly see Batman as his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne not only must try to expose the Joker's scheme but he must also try to avoid being taken away to a mental hospital, figuring out to get The Joker out his bank possession as Batman and on top of it he has to keep his identity hidden. That all results too not backing up Robin during a Batfight while he's Bruce Wayne, having Alfred dress up as Batman at points and has to juggle both sides of him like he never juggled before. I never seen our main character in such a pickle in this series. Oh and fun trivia, Bruce tells The Joker that his parents have been murdered when he was a kid. In the Tim Burton film, The Joker before he became The Joker was the one who killed Bruce's family.While having a complicated plot and silly scenario involving Robots, it's still a really good BatEpisode with Batman's alter ego Bruce being in a hotter spot then almost being thrown into the furnace in "Fine Feathered Finks/The Penguin's A Jinx".



Catwoman gets out of Gotham State Penitentiary and has Bruce Wayne as her parole officer. She decides to go to College but she goes back to her crime ways. Can the Dynamic Duo out wit her?

Here's my first issue with this BatEpisode. In the end of "That Darn Catwoman/Scat! Darn Catwoman",Catwoman jumps into the lake off a high building to escape from going to prison. While the characters assume she's dead,Batman suspect she's still alive since they never found her body and that she only lost another one of her nine lives. Why does this BatEpisode open with her in jail? Was she found and caught, is it taking place before the events of that last BatEpisode,it's never ever explained. Julia Newmar is great as Catwoman as usual and sadly this is the last time on the show when we see her in the role. Once again,we get another good chemistry between Batman and Catwoman,however,Catwoman wants Batman more dead then alive and on top of it, there's really nothing new that's being added. In fact we basically get the same dialogue about Catwoman's feelings toward Robin and trying to convince Batman that she wants to be with him. The only new things that stand out is Batman and Catwoman sharing a soda together with two straws and the last scene with Catwoman and Bruce Wayne. As for Catwomans plan, well it's not that interesting.

In this BatEpisode we have three appearances. Our first appearance is Stanley Adams as the new recruit Captain Courageous who I find enjoyable but at the same time forgettable. Next we have Golden Globe Winner and French Actor Jacques Bergerac as French Freddy who I actually find annoying. Our final appearance is Art Linkletter who appears in a window cameo during a Batclimb which I haven't seen since the BatEpisode with the Puzzler. Surprisingly as I criticized earlier on my review on the BatEpisode with Egghead about how no one can tell Batman's voice sounds like Bruce Wayne. Well here, Commissioner Gordon actually admits that he thought Batman was Bruce Wayne, however, he is convinced that Bruce Wayne isn't Batman because he talked to Bruce with Batman standing right next to him and the person he talked too on the phone who he thought was Bruce Wayne,was actually a machine with Bruce Wayne's voice(Sounding very Robotic) that actually says everything Alfred types. Commissioner Gordon can figure out Batman is Bruce Wayne by his voice but he can't figure out that the Bruce he talked to on the phone wasn't the real Bruce because of it's obvious robot voice and doesn't even ask about it's voice? Man, is it no wonder why he can't take an arch criminal without relying on Batman? There's also a funny moment where Batman and Robin break the fourth wall. Another funny moment is when Batman and Alfred trade places. As for the Batfights, their ok.While having a few good things and a great last performance from Newmar, I still feel like "That Darn Catwoman/Scat! Darn Catwoman" should have been Newmar's last and final BatEpisode. Comparing the chemistry,the crime and the finale to this BatEpisode,it's very weak but I will say at least it's not as weak as the one with her and Sandman.



The Green Hornet has come to Gotham City to stop a stamp operation by Colonel Gumm but Batman and Robin suspect that the Green Hornet is a villain.

While liking the idea that Batman and The Green Hornet are rivals I do find this plot kind of odd and confusing considering that they met the Hornet and Kato during their BatClimb, watch the show(Even though the Hornet and Kato are actually real in their world), and even knows what kind of weapons that The Green Hornet carries,and his deeds in the city where he fights crime. How can the Dynamic Duo see them as villains if they know about them? Anyway, the performances from Van Williams as The Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato are great as them and actually steal the show away from West and Ward whenever their on screen, in fact I'm now inspired to see the show now.  The villain Colonel Gumm played by Roger C. Carmel is enjoyable but not what I consider a great villain. Finally Diane McBain as Pinky who's a lady who wears a Pink dress with Pink hair that owns a Pink looking business while loving her Pink dog is enjoyably funny as the character. Our celebrity window cameo is Edward G. Robinson.

The scenes I enjoy in the BatEpisode are when the alter egos of Batman and The Green Hornet alter egos are together as good friends while at the same time being rivals as well as hiding their secret identities. Oh and Bruce's reaction to when The Green Hornet's alter ego mocks Batman's cowl is hilarious. I also laughed at how Batman and Robin figured out the hidden message in Pinky's alphabet soup. Robin in this BatEpisode by the way also steps up to the plate to encourage a down and out Batman to get the Green Hornet. Finally the Batfights. Well the first Batfight is fun even though you can see the fake punches but the Batfight between The Dynamic Duo, The Green Hornet and Kato along with Colonel Gumm and his henchman is really really cool. I do find this BatEpisode a tad bit overrated, as well as confusing but I do find it still cool and yes there might be a chance that it could make it on favorite list of BatEpisodes in Season 2 of the show and if that's the case, well don't expect it to be too high on the list.



King Tut is back in Gotham(Oh no not this villain again!) and he plans to kidnap a daughter of a millionaire not only for money but also for thinking that she's actually Cleopatra.

Alright, if you read my BatEpisode reviews with this villain then you already know that I'm not crazy for Victor Buono performance as King Tut, as well as the villain itself. Out of all the BatEpisodes I've seen with King Tut so far, this is the most annoying and childish performance by Victor Buono as the villain and boy do I hate him in this BatEpisode the most. With that said, the BatEpisode did have a few good things. The kidnapped victim is played by Lee Meriwether (Who played Catwoman in the film) and she not only looks good but she and Bruce share a  long kiss(I'd much rather prefer Batman and Catwoman kissing but I guess it's close enough) however, her performance is sadly boring. King Tut has a moll played by Grace Lee Whitney and she is really fun as this character who's jealous of Lee Meriwether's character. We also have special guest appearances of Tommy Noonan as the rich father of the kidnapped victim,Nelson Olmsted as the radio host John E. Carson(Clever) and Aileen Mehle as our celebrity window cameo.

The BatEpisode itself,while not being good with a terrible villain, unappealing plot and not so good Batfights, there are things to enjoy aside from the guest stars I just mentioned. As bad as our villain is, I'm glad we at least see him as a professor at the beginning and actually getting hit in the head causing him to believe he's Tut. The dialogue can be fun at times but it's not that memorable. My real praise in this BatEpisode goes to Alfred. I know it's now nothing new since we've seen him do heroic deeds with Batman but watching him in the second part assisting Batman while Robin is captured, Alan Napier literally takes the role of Robin. I also enjoy Batman's entrance at the end. Oh and one final note, this is the first time Commissioner Gordon mentions his Daughter Barbara who will later appear in the TV short that renewed the series for a 3rd Season as Batgirl played by Yvonne Craig and yes that will be next years follow up to my review on this series, yes you will see a list of my favorite BatEpisodes from this Season before the review on the short special since most people (And I myself) see it as the start of Season 3. As for this BatEpisode, it's not good but as a few things to enjoy in it.


(Wait why does this title sound like a sequel if this is the first time we're introduced to this villain?)

Black Widow(Tallulah Bankhead) returns to Gotham and is robing banks by hypnotizing people. Batman is hypnotized as well and Robin is caught in her web, how are the Duo going to get out of this one?

Black Widow is played by Tallulah Bankhead in her last role. While being a good and beautiful actress for her time, this is not a performance I found good. Alright to her credit, she seems to be having fun but her performance is boring and her voice sounds like that Carol Chaining just ate a very sticky peanut butter sandwich. I know I should find her threatening since she has Batman by the wings but I knew somehow that Batman was going to defeat her.

This BatEpisode is just you're regular average BatEpisode but of course there are some things to enjoy from it. Batman has new gadgets such as The Brainwave BatAnalyzer that's shaped like a hairdryer you find in a beauty pallor and a remote control Batcomputer. The death trap has to be the cheapest death trap on the show. Batman and Robin are stuck on a really fake Spider Web as black widow spiders crawl on them which are so fake that they look like the fake spiders that you use to decorate your house for Halloween.  The set design for Black Widow's spider like hideout is beyond cool for a campy comic book show. Remember Jill St. John's Robin disguise, well Black Widow is in disguise as Robin and watching Burt Ward lip sync and act to her voice has me laughing on the floor. If you remember me not being a fan of Batman dancing, well I'm not a fan of Batman singing either. Finally we get a celebrity cameo of classic film gangster and tough guy actor George Raft flipping his coin(He could of made a great Two Face). Even though the villain's not that good, it's still a fun BatEpisode.



The Joker has just sabotaged paintings at the Gotham Art Museum, however, an artist who sent most of his paintings there, loves what The Joker did with his paintings and The Joker becomes an artist. However, The Joker is causing Art related crimes. Can the Dynamic Duo stop him.

Cesar Romero as The Joker is a riot in this BatEpisode. He's always fun, he's always all over the place, he's always doing something villainous, he's always cracking a joke and I absolutely enjoy every scene he's in. The plot with The Joker getting into Art is really silly and that's what this whole BatEpisode is but I also find it creative as well. As a matter of fact where did you think Tim Burton got the idea for when The Joker is destroying the Art Museum in his film? There's really nothing else new I can say about Cesar Romero's performance as The Joker except that he can really sell out a really silly plot. As for the young girl who likes The Joker played by Diana Ivarson, is really nothing special.

The BatEpisode like I said is really silly and gets really sillier and sillier as it progresses. Some of the silly moments that really stand out to me are The Joker destroying a table and turning it into Art, The Joker destroying the pictures at the beginning and of course the Art Competition which is so silly, cartoonish and over the top that I dare not spoil it for you. The Joker also comes with a really clever and artistic death trap but I won't spoil it for you either. This is also another BatEpisode where Bruce Wayne comes face to face with The Joker, which is really good but at the same time I feel like he's giving away his identity as Batman but then again like most villains and people on the show The Joker's just as clueless as everyone else. The Batfights are really fun and well choreographed and believe it or not the climax takes place at Wayne Manor which is a cool climax even though it does have a bit of a flaw.The BatEpisode is the most cartoonish one out of all of the other BatEpisodes I've seen in these last two seasons and to be honest I really had a lot of fun watching it, despite some flaws.



Here we go, the final BatEpisode of Season 2. Mr.Freeze(Eli Wallach) has kidnapped a Professor to obtain the secret formula of Instant Ice so he can destroy Gotham. Can Batman and Robin stop Mr.Freeze and save the Professor.

I was excited to see Eli Wallach as Mr.Freeze, however his performance as this villain fails just as much as Otto Preminger's performance as Mr.Freeze. None of them carry the same class as George Sanders and you know what I don't think any live action version of Mr.Freeze does, it's a hard performance to top. Just by watching Eli Wallach in this BatEpisode he looks and acts like he's doing a bad impression of Peter Sellers when he acts German. Yes, Mr.Freeze once again has a henchman named Frosty who's actually is his right hand man.I also might as well add that he barley uses his Freeze gun and it no longer effects the Duo. As for his moll played by Leslie Parrish, she's another stereotypical bland female cut out from the majority of BatEpisodes on this show. Finally the performance of Elisha Cook Jr. as the Professor, not memorable but his reactions to the cold is priceless. Our celebrity window cameo is Cyril Lord as the Carpet King.

The BatEpisode doesn't really have anything going for it. The only moments that stood out were The Titanic reference and Commissioner Gordon and Chief O' Hara both calling Bruce and Batman on the phone at the same time. Other than that the BatEpisode is not to memorable. Not a good way to close the Season and is just as boring as the one with Otto Preminger.


I'm going to be honest, it's not as great as the first Season or the film. The writing for the BatEpisodes are good but not as good as the first Season. In fact, while the first Season and the Movie had a good balance of campiness along with good detective writing, this Season actually takes the campiness a tad bit to far which also leads us to the most campy season in the whole show and the writing does indeed carry a lot of unexplained plot holes as well as making the plots a bit to confusing or boring for the young viewers. With that said, I still find the over the top campiness in the Season still fun and laughable. The performances from the special guests villains, well we get plenty of new villains in this Season played by very fine actors, however, the majority of the new villains (I'm not saying all) are either underplayed or have a dumb plot that doesn't match the theme of the villain or is just a bad idea to begin with. The return of the actors who played the villains in the first Season and film are all played(Not counting Victor Buono as King Tut) as great as they were in the past Season and film and while some of them occasionally get a good evil scheme, the majority of their plans are just ridiculous. This is also the first time when the villains we  know from the previous productions are played by different actors or being a spin off of that character and yes all of those performance are awful and unforgivable as most of the performances in the Schmacher Batman films. If there is one thing I enjoyed in the whole Season it has to be the complex relationship between Batman and Catwoman and not only is it interesting,West and Newmar have great chemistry. I also enjoy seeing Alfred doing more heroic deeds for the Duo then he did in the film or first Season, I'm also glad that Aunt Harriet has more of a character then she did in the last Season. West and Ward are great as usual, however, with that said I will say when a BatEpisode seems to fail, our heroes aren't enough to save it and seem like the actors are giving up.

While not being as good as the first season it still is enjoyable, yes there are flaws in casting and writing but it's still a fun Season. The return of the villains from the first Season and film are well performed (For the most part), some of the new Villains are good, the regular cast members do just as well as they did in the first season, there are some great new Batgadgets, some fun and great appearances from special guests along with The Green Hornet and Kato, some really fun moments and plenty of influences in this Season (As well from the 1st Season) that inspired a lot of Batman films and TV shows and it still does to this day.


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