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Heroes, what can I say, they're the characters we always root for and feel for in film, literature and video games. They're the people that most of us want to be when we were younger. Fight off a good villain, be loved by thousands, save the day, get the girl, have some great kind of power and skill and so on and so forth. For the most of us, we all grew up loving or idolizing a hero and still to this day while being more matured we still find many great things to appreciate about them. To honor heroes I'm going to pick my top favorites and talk about why they mean so much to me. However, since there are so many out there in many different ways, I'm going to pick not only the ones that really stand out to me but as well as the ones that have been adapted in many ways with a franchise that still keeps on going and being strong. So yeah, don't expect heroes or characters that only appeared in one film or had a few sequels that followed. Here are..




If you read my review on the 90's Animated series or the ride in Universal, then you probably know how I got into him. However, what makes this character stand as one of my all time favorites? I guess the first thing to mention is his powers and Spider like ability. While watching him in the films, reading the comics and playing the video games I always thought it would be cool and awesome to crawl on walls, Web sling around in the city, have Spider Senses to sense something bad happening while also having powerful strength. That basically has almost every power I love in a Superhero of any kind. Some prefer flying but to me I think Web slinging is a lot cooler since as a kid I loved swinging on ropes and swings. I guess I might as well add that in my theater class, my first ever monologue was about a kid wishing to be like a cartoon character and trying to decide which cartoon character to be like. In the end of the monologue, the kid decides to be like Spider-Man because of his cool powers. That monologue pretty much sums up why I like Spider-Man and why I think he's so cool. Another thing I love about Spider-Man is his alter ego Peter Parker. While having a good talent as a kid and teen and being liked by many teachers, I was never really popular. I was basically the shy and socially awkward teen you'd see in school, tried to fit in with the upper class students, have struggles balancing many things in my life and  also tried to be recognized by people who saw me as a shadow or a face in the crowd. Having the alter ego of this great hero with almost the same amount of issues that I have (Epically in High School for that matter) makes the character a lot more relatable, likable and identifiable to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way about him either. In fact when I was in High School, I liked Spider-Man more when I was a teen then when I was a kid.

Another thing I like about Spider-Man is his humor. I love some of his one liners, I love how we can hear his thoughts which can be comical most of the time while at other times being thoughts of him being stressed out and on top of it I love how he taunts these over the top themed villains. If there was a Spider-Man villains roast or a roast with super villains in general, Spider-Man would be the Don Rickles of it. While liking his humor that doesn't mean I always enjoy every adaption of Spider-Man with his humor. This is probably one of the big reasons why the hero is at the bottom of my list. Sometimes his humor gets annoying or doesn't work at all, sometimes it doesn't always feel needed for an event and on top of it there are versions where they take the comedy from him to far like in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3"(Even though I did like the film) or "Ultimate Spider-Man" for example.There are even versions that just completely ruin the character so much that it completely makes you lose all the seriousness and heroricness that the character has and goes through. Best examples are "The Electric Company's Spider-Man segments", again "Ultimate Spider-Man", (So far) the 60's cartoon and that stupid "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" Toy that sings(Good god I never thought I see the day when a Toy on a hero would really get under my skin more then a Film or TV show) and I'm sure there's more out there that ruins this beloved hero. Yeah I should have added Spider-Man 3 to the list but to be fair it did have some serious stuff.

With all the insults that has been brought to this hero, when it's done right, he can be a really be a great hero. He has the powers that would be really cool to have, he has a personality that's identifiable and relatable and when done right he can really have a great sense of humor. Spider-Man is a hero I really find awesome (Again if done right) and the fact that he's a fictional heroic icon in New York makes me love him even more since I am indeed a New Yorker.

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