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What can I say, it's Batman. That should sum it all up but I'm sure you're wondering why I like him so much. Well, lets start out on how I was introduced to this character. I was introduced to Batman through the 60's film that was a spin off of the show starring Adam West and as you might of guessed I was in love with the film and a decade a later I would find myself enjoying the show as much as I enjoyed the film. I hardly watched the Animated Series as a kid but I did watch the film "Batman: Subzero" and I was really hooked with the characters, the story and the action. A decade later, I've been watching the film "Mask Of Phantasm" and episodes from the show and I love it and feel so bad on how much I missed out on the show as a kid. My Dad then bought me a VHS of "Batman And Robin" and I wasn't crazy about it as I was about the 60's film or "Subzero". After looking through my parents film collection I found "Batman Returns" Directed by Tim Burton, who I was a big fan of as a kid. As I watched it as a kid, at first I found it too dark and gross for my taste, however, as I grew up I actually enjoyed it more as an adult then I did as a kid. With that said, when I saw the first film of the two Burton films, I not only found it more superior than it's sequel  but it was the live action Batman film I always wanted to see. It was dark, dramatic, fun, had great action, a good story and Keaton and Nicholson as the stars were perfect. When Nolan's film "Batman Begins" came out, I thought to myself there's no way it can top the Burton film, so I stayed away from it. When "The Dark Knight" came out, again I felt like there's no way it can top the Burton film, however, my friends were seeing it and I decided to go. I went in with low expectations and came out shocked and speechless. It was after seeing this film that made me love Batman and respected him more than I did as a kid. I've only read one comic from beginning to end which was "Batman Year 1" and I loved it and was shocked that there wasn't a year two. I still have more comics to read and I really want to see or play the new Batman games and I have a feeling that there's more great things to come. So that's how I was introduced to Batman.

So what do I like about Batman? As a person who likes the dark stuff, Batman is the ultimate hero for that in my case. Don't get me wrong I love the campy Batman too but the dark and serious Batman is the one we all know, love and mostly prefer. His design is cool, his dark voice (Well not all versions) is intimidating and I love that he for the most part fights crime at night, as well as blending into the shadows and casting shadows to scare off the criminals. While also being very menacing looking to criminals, Batman is also a very smart crime fighter. He's great at solving clues, knows how to get out of deadly situations, carries some cool Batgadgets and some futuristic equipment as well as wearing a cool utility belt and driving a badass vehicle filled with gadgets, understands the criminal mind as well as trying to help them, knows how to kick some serious ass and on top of it, he's always prepared even for the most strangest of things. The back story to how he became Batman is very sad, dark and dramatic and I actually really feel his emotions. How he tries to cope with it, tries to keep all his pain and sadness to himself and how he constantly has to battle with his inner demons is just hard for me to not feel his pain. He's defiantly the most tragic Superhero ever even though he doesn't have super powers. I know Spider-Man has a tragic back story too and is more relatable then Batmans but in most versions and even during the middle of the story, all of his emotions are ignored or is just played as a footnote. With Batman, you always feel his emotional pain, no matter what. I'm not saying all versions of Batman achieve that but when they do,they really hit it right on the nail.

What more can I say that hasn't been said, he's just Batman. For those who want to see me review a dark and serious Batman, don't worry, you'll defiantly see me review one this year.

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