Sunday, December 14, 2014


It's time to start my annual "12 Days Of Christmas Reviews".

Let's start off with a Christmas short called...


The cartoon is about a lazy, messy dog named Princie (not sure why he isn't called Hector like in the title) who is threatened by his master that he will be thrown out into the cold if he trashes the house. Princie obeys his master commands, when suddenly a basket full of puppies that look like him come and trash the house, and Princie has to clean up their messes and keep them a secret from his master, and we all know where this story is going. I mean, how many times have we've seen this in a classic cartoon, pretty often. You also have the many classic cartoon cliches such as not seeing the owners face; some key cartoon sound effects; and the side angel and devil conscience. While being predictable and cliche, it's still funny. I just love how much mischief the three puppies cause and how stressed and willing our main character is to clean up their messes to try to keep a roof over his head. On top of it, it's also really cute. Yeah, maybe some of you aren't into the whole cutesy innocent animal story, but if you're a dog lover, animal person, or hell even wishing to have a puppy, this is for you. As for the predictable ending, well, it's not only cute, but it indeed does bring a great warm Christmas feeling. While being predictable and cliche, it's still a fun and cute Christmas cartoon that I'm sure kids will enjoy. However, though its one of my favorite Christmas cartoon shorts, I still feel like it should get an even rating.


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